Pilates Barre

A healthy, structurally integrated set of buns, like those Audrey Hepburn, isn’t just about glute strength or how many squats they can do - they all have one thing in common. The VASIE glute “V” Some have it naturally and those who do not and are lucky enough to live in Anchorage Alaska go to Studio One to get it.


MUSCLE TONE improves FLEXIBILITY. The basic premise is that you are using one set of muscles (let's say your abs) to stretch out the muscles on the opposite side of the joint (in this case - back muscles).


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Welcome to Studio One Pilates, the first Pilates studio in Anchorage, Alaska! Studio One Pilates offers a full spectrum of group fitness Pilates classes including whole body boot camp, back and joint boot camp, pre and post-natal, VASIE Barre, signature Studio One VASIE bar system and reformer program. All Studio One instructors are full-time professional instructors with advanced training and five hours of continued weekly advanced study. In addition, all Studio One programs are research-based, reviewed, and approved by over 100 local physical therapists and medical doctors.

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  • Come to a class twice per week on average for a month. If you are not completely satisfied, we will be happy to give you a refund your month of your attendance and void your contract.

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