Shauna Tomlinson

Shauna Tomlinson instructs the following:
  • Cardio Circuit [advanced]

  • Mat: [intermediate] Deep Core Toning
  • Deep Core Toning classes [aka DCT]

    Deep Core Toning classes are focused on stabilization, the strength of the deep internal muscles, breathing, and control.
    Deep Core Toning classes are some of the most popular classes at Studio One not only with beginners, but also with long-term clients, due to how well they keep you out of joint pain and restore your balance stability and strength of the smaller deeper muscles of the trunk, shoulders, and legs.

  • Cardio Tramp [all levels welcome]
  • Cardio Tramp classes are typical 20-minute sessions created to get you sweating and your pulse up. Not recommended for people with a lot of joint pain and instability. Try a cardio tramp session as soon as you start at Studio One. Classes are currently free of charge to anyone who is attending classes on a regular basis.

  • Reformer [intermediate] Deep Core Toning+
  • Deep Core Toning

  • Mat: [advanced] Integration Strength & Flexibility
  • Integration, Strength & Flexibility classes [aka ISF or Strength & Flexibility]

    Integration, Strength & Flexibility classes will challenge you! More strength moves, more range or motion, and more flow from one exercise into the next.
    Use Deep Core Toning as a classes to strengthen deeper, smaller, more stabilizing muscles and use ISF classes to tone, strengthen and stretch the bigger mover muscles as well as get your heart rate up.

  • Reformer: [intermediate] Deep Core Toning
  • Deep Core Toning

  • Mat: [intermediate] Deep Core Toning +
  • Deep Core Toning + 
    the + indicates a more challenging class.