Angelique Garnand

Angelique Garnand instructs the following:
  • Chair Plus [intermediate]

  • Healthy Back & Joint Basics [beginner]
  • Be sure to attend Jump Start 101 before attending your first Healthy Back and Joint Boot Camp class!
    Healthy Back & Joint Basics class is most effective for people with mild-to-moderate chronic pain. People without chronic pain can take the Whole Body Boot Camp.
    Here's why:
    • Slower pace, yet challenging
    • Covers modifications you can use in group classes
    • Focuses heavily on spinal stabilization
    • More hands-on corrections
    • Smaller class

    A doctor's or physical therapist's note is preferable but not necessary. Please consult your physician before starting this or any other exercise program. If we feel this class is inappropriate for you we will refer you to a medical professional.
    This class is designed for beginners!

  • Mat: [intermediate] Deep Core Toning +
  • Deep Core Toning + 
    the + indicates a more challenging class.

  • Mat: [intermediate] Deep Core Toning
  • Deep Core Toning classes [aka DCT]

    Deep Core Toning classes are focused on stabilization, the strength of the deep internal muscles, breathing, and control.
    Deep Core Toning classes are some of the most popular classes at Studio One not only with beginners, but also with long-term clients, due to how well they keep you out of joint pain and restore your balance stability and strength of the smaller deeper muscles of the trunk, shoulders, and legs.

  • Reformer: [advanced] Integration Strength & Flexibility +
  • the plus (+) indicates a more challenging class.

    Wednesday 5:15pm Integration Strength & Flexibility + Reformer - Take your Pilates skills to a challenging new level! Exciting new exercises increase your Pilates knowledge, while challenging your body to maintain basic abdominal connections with a greater range of motion and greater endurance. Are you ready for the challenge? Kristina is a master instructor who really wants you to "get" Pilates. She will coax you to a new level of Pilates - remember, in Integration Strength & Flexibility+, pain in the class is self-inflicted. You should feel comfortable with Integration Strength & Flexibility classes, and have at least 10 hours of Pilates experience.
    Not recommended for those with spinal instability or low back pain.

  • Mat: [advanced] Integration Strength & Flexibility
  • Integration, Strength & Flexibility classes [aka ISF or Strength & Flexibility]

    Integration, Strength & Flexibility classes will challenge you! More strength moves, more range or motion, and more flow from one exercise into the next.
    Use Deep Core Toning as a classes to strengthen deeper, smaller, more stabilizing muscles and use ISF classes to tone, strengthen and stretch the bigger mover muscles as well as get your heart rate up.

  • Ballet Barre [intermediate]