Merilee Smith

Merilee Smith instructs the following:
  • Mat: [advanced] Integration Strength & Flexibility
  • Integration, Strength & Flexibility classes [aka ISF or Strength & Flexibility]

    Integration, Strength & Flexibility classes will challenge you! More strength moves, more range or motion, and more flow from one exercise into the next.
    Use Deep Core Toning as a classes to strengthen deeper, smaller, more stabilizing muscles and use ISF classes to tone, strengthen and stretch the bigger mover muscles as well as get your heart rate up.

  • Reformer: [intermediate] Deep Core Toning
  • Deep Core Toning

  • Reformer: [advanced] Integration Strength & Flexibility +
  • the plus (+) indicates a more challenging class.

    Wednesday 5:15pm Integration Strength & Flexibility + Reformer - Take your Pilates skills to a challenging new level! Exciting new exercises increase your Pilates knowledge, while challenging your body to maintain basic abdominal connections with a greater range of motion and greater endurance. Are you ready for the challenge? Kristina is a master instructor who really wants you to "get" Pilates. She will coax you to a new level of Pilates - remember, in Integration Strength & Flexibility+, pain in the class is self-inflicted. You should feel comfortable with Integration Strength & Flexibility classes, and have at least 10 hours of Pilates experience.
    Not recommended for those with spinal instability or low back pain.

  • Cardio ISF [advanced]
  • A mix of Cardio Tramp and Integration Strength and Flexibility Reformer! Get your heart rate while also working your whole body!